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2024-2029 NDNV Strategic Plan

On behalf of our Board and Staff, I am pleased to present the 2024–2029 Strategic Plan for North Dakota Native…read more

TAKE ACTION: Call out for public comment on DAPL’s DEIS

Speak Out! Your Voice Matters. Answer this call out for public comment on DAPL’s DEIS. We stand with Standing Rock on Alternative 2.

Federal Judge rules against discriminatory North Dakota redistricting map for…

Federal Judge rules against discriminatory North Dakota redistricting map for Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa and Spirit Lake tribes.


This summer North Dakota Native Vote attended and set up an informational booth at each powwow held at each tribe…read more


North Dakota Native Vote empowers the state’s tribal communities to build a representative democracy. We drive positive social change through community organizing, education, and advocacy. Join us in shaping a better future for North Dakota’s Native people.

Data Democracy

Our Data Democracy program works to integrate data systems into existing grassroots structures to build a data driven power building outcome for Native Voters in North Dakota.


Get Out the Vote

NDNV’s GOTV program works to mobilize North Dakota’s Native communities by providing resources to engage in local, state, congressional, and presidential elections; and to make informed decisions about candidates and their issues.


Rural Climate & Energy

NDNV focuses on reservation servicing Rural Electric Cooperatives to build opportunities that increase civic engagement, train and develop community organizing principles, cultivate grassroots leaders, and make progress in changing the local narrative on a variety of energy issues.



NDNV engages with the North Dakota State Legislature every odd year. Our vision is to be a key resource and support system to our North Dakota Tribal Communities in the legislature and to meet our goals that are set forth every biennium.


2024 Election

From statewide races to local, we’ll bring you the latest updates and information to help you make informed decisions at the ballot box in 2024.


Fair Districting

NDNV works to champion transparency, inclusivity, and integrity in the redistricting process. We believe that every voice deserves to be heard and every vote deserves to count.


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