Building power for North Dakota’s Native communities.

North Dakota Native Vote works to engage tribal members in constructing a representative democracy by working in reservation communities as well as urban areas to create and affect policy and equal representation for the Native people of North Dakota. We foster sustainable, positive social change in our communities through community organizing, mobilization, leadership development, education, civic engagement, and public policy advocacy.



We work to counteract the ongoing colonization of our lands, minds, and bodies by identifying systems that continue to subjugate our communities. We work to learn disparities in civil rights, food systems, energy security/democracy, climate chaos, and policy that disproportionately affects our people and how we interact within and contribute to these systems.

North Dakota Native Vote advocates for positive change on policies on voting rights, victim’s rights, upholding treaties, food and energy sovereignty, North Dakota legislative issues, and more.


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Mail in donations can be sent to: PO Box 226 Bismarck, ND 58502