North Dakota Native Vote’s Get Out the Vote (GOTV) program aims to increase voter education, voter mobilization, host Get Out the Vote events, issue focused training for community, and mobilizing our relatives to engage on issues important to them.

Since 2018, we have brought our GOTV program to our relatives living on our homelands across North Dakota. North Dakota does not have voter registration, but it does have some of the most cumbersome voter identification laws in the country.

Our community organizing model is based on trusted faces, trusted voices, North Dakota Native Vote deploys local field organizers to bring the resources that our relatives need to update their identification cards, find local polling stations, contact local election decision makers, and remove hurdles to obtaining a ballot in North Dakota.

On Election Day, we protect our voters by conducting poll observation, providing information on tribal identification cards, current laws on tribal votes, and monitoring issues that could limit our relatives from casting their vote.

“Democracy is a living thing, if we do not contribute to the life of democracy, it will fail us.”

Nicole Donaghy, Executive Director North Dakota Native Vote