Our mission is to educate tribal communities to construct a representative democracy through community organizing, leadership development, civic engagement, and public policy advocacy.


Our vision is to inspire tribal members to take action on the issues that affect their communities. We work to build power and to enhance leadership for North Dakota’s Native people. We are a resource that promotes tribal self-determination.


We carry on the values of our ancestors and the foundation they created for us to preserve our way of life.

We Work to Inspire:

IInspire indigenous action
NNative voices and native faces
SStrength from unity
PPassion for change
IInterpersonal balance
RReclamation of culture
EEqual representation

Working to engage tribal members in creating representative democracy.

North Dakota Native Vote was founded during the 2018 election as an advocacy group to help organize and fight back against a voter suppression law that went into effect just weeks before Election Day. NDNV is now a permanent, full time, year-round organization working in North Dakota.

Our goal is to build power for Native communities by educating, training, and mobilizing tribal members on key issues that affect the well-being of their communities. We work to build a strong voting bloc that will organize their communities to create equal representation at the state, federal, and tribal levels. We work to affect tribal/state/federal policy and guarantee that Native voters have the freedom to exercise their rights as citizens. We work with local supporters to identify issues and provide opportunities for grassroots organizing and mobilizing. 

We work to counteract the ongoing colonization of our lands, minds, and bodies by identifying systems that continue to subjugate our communities. We strive to eliminate the overwhelming disparities in civil rights, food systems, energy security and democratization, the ongoing effects of climate chaos on our lands, and policies that disproportionately affect our communities. We will build on existing relationships to create a continuous presence in each community. We will hire and train organizers that will represent each community that we work. We will build key partnerships with tribal governments, colleges, faith groups, tribal NGO’s and allies. 

Our work includes

  • Work in statewide coalition with other groups engaged in civic engagement and electoral work
  • Recruit, train, and endorse Native American candidates for office
  • Increase Native voter education and turnout in key areas
  • Increase participation in civic work on reservations by providing trainings, leadership opportunities, identify key issues in communities
  • Advocate for policies on voting rights, victim’s rights, upholding treaties, food and energy sovereignty, North Dakota legislative issues, and more

Shayla Davis

Field Organizer
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Nicole Donaghy

Executive Director
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Devero Yellow Earring

Field Director
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Kendyl Harrison

Office Administrator
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Jessica Beheler

Communications Coordinator
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Erika Red Tomahawk

State & Tribal Policy Coordinator.
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