North Dakota holds their legislative sessions every odd year. Our vision for our legislative program is to be a key resource and support system to our North Dakota Tribal Communities and to meet our goals that are set forth every biennium.

We work to create various educational tools that demonstrate the importance of civic engagement and having a voice in the processes that impact our daily lives. We track issues that are important to our people and how State Representatives and Senators support or oppose bills that impact Indian Country.

We work to ensure that the Native voice is part of the legislative process, from creation to implementation. We focus on an array of issues determined by the communities we serve, including, but not limited to, voting rights, tribal sovereignty, education, language and cultural preservation, MMIP, juvenile justice, family well-being, land conservation, and energy.

“Native engagement at the State legislature is not only about representation; it’s a deliberate assertion of sovereignty, a testament to resilience, and a pathway to meaningful change.”

Devero Yellow Earring, Program Director North Dakota Native Vote