North Dakota Native Vote is dedicated to building stronger and more resilient communities through our grassroots community organizing work. Our vision is to create a sustainable, equitable, and just society where every individual has access to basic needs such as food, shelter, education, healthcare, and energy security.

Rural Climate and Energy Democracy Rural Electric Cooperatives (REC’s) power 56% of the Nation’s landmass; they power over 20 million homes, businesses, schools, and farms in 47 states; and serve 42 million people across 88% of United States counties, including 93% of those with persistent

Nationally, more than half of all Native American lands are at least partially served by REC’s. Currently RECs Governance is overwhelmingly male and white and not at all reflective of the communities that they serve. REC governance can impact communities in a variety of positive ways. They not only determine local utility bills and energy choice, but also can serve as vehicles for federal and private resources and investments in community and economic development and for policy making and community revitalization.

North Dakota Native Vote is working to bring awareness and lasting change through our Rural Climate and Energy Democracy campaign. Our program goals are to build representation on REC governance boards, create access energy choice to alleviate energy burden, create a pathway to transition from fossil fuels to clean and renewable energy, and to work on policy that promotes energy sovereignty.

North Dakota Native Vote has invested in local organizing efforts to increase civic engagement, cultivate grassroots leaders, and to build strong local networks of motivated and inspired individuals who are committed to creating change for their communities.

“I want our community to be healthier and have a better quality of life and not have to be taxed all winter long just to keep their homes warm.”

Wesley Davis, Chairman North Dakota Native Vote