North Dakota Native Vote is busy at the 2023 North Dakota Legislative Session tracking and testifying at committee hearings.

Sharnell Seaboy, Field Organizer, is keeping track and monitoring what the legislature is doing on bills regarding North Dakota Native Vote priorities.

Executive Director Nicole Donaghy submitted testimony against (SB 2157) which would add burdensome requirements to prove citizenship before voting. Voters are already required to verify citizenship for other identification pieces. Click here to read Nicole’s testimony

Click here to watch the video of the hearing.

 There are two more bills coming up on the same topic.

Some of the other bills we monitored the first two weeks of the session were about adding school board candidates to those required to file campaign contribution reports, a property tax break for in-state natural gas pipelines, and to specifically prohibit the governor from waiving the required minimum number of polling places as Gov. Burgum did in the 2022 Primary Election.