ND Legislative Updates by Sharnell Seaboy, NDNV Field Organizer and Lobbyist, for the week of March 6th to the 10th and information on upcoming hearings.

HCR 3027 would have recommended a study needed for safety improvements on specific State Highways on the Fort Berthold Reservation and reducing the highway speed to 55 mph. NDNV supported the bill. On March 6, HCR 3027 was defeated.

HCR 3028 recommends a study of environmental impacts of oil, fracturing sand, and wastewater spills on water quality, vegetation, soil, and all species of domestic and wild animals along state highways 22, 23, and 37 on the Fort berthold reservation. NDNV supports the bill. The House defeated this bill 17-72 on March 10.

HCR 3029 recommends studying whether the MHA Nation should have stand-alone ambient air quality monitors to track and mitigate air and water pollution that may result from oil and gas development. NDNV supports this bill. The House defeated this bill 15-75 on March 10.

The committee hearings we covered this past week include: SCR 4013 makes it more difficult for voters to make constitutional amendments. NDNV testified in opposition to the bill. The bill passed in the Senate 44-3 and the House committee hearing was held March 9.

HB 1385 relates to tribal contracts with the state water commission and for ND Tribes to be eligible for water appropriation funds through ND Dept of Water Resources. NDNV supported the bill. The bill passed in the House 93-0 and the Senate committee hearing was held March 9.

Hearings next week include:

HB 1494 Hearing: Tuesday at 2:30pm relating to policies that shame students who have unpaid school lunch bills.

HB 1429 Hearing: Wednesday at 10:30am relates to unfair discrimination in the business of insurance, investment, and management funds; relating to the prohibition on social investments; and to provide a Legislative Management study. NDNV is tracking this bill.

HB 1491 Hearing: Wednesday at 2:00 pm would increase funding for free school meals. NDNV supports this bill. HB 1431 Hearing: Thursday at 10:45 am relates to proof of citizenship in elections. NDNV opposes this bill.

HB 1135 Hearing: Friday at 9:00 am relates to exceptions to the acquisition of agricultural land by foreign governments. NDNV supports this bill.

HB 1273 Hearing: Friday at 9:00 am prohibits local governments from using ranked choice and approval voting. NDNV opposes this bill.

HB 1167 Hearing: Friday at 10:30 am prohibits the governor from changing the number of polling places during a declared state of disaster or emergency. NDNV is tracking this bill.

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